Our Philosophy

Yoga Cat – When Modern Science Meets Yoga



All of our products focus on the core importance of functionality and effectiveness. We don’t just create yoga products. We are focused on providing you with items that truly support your yoga practice and facilitate you on this deep journey.



Environmental protection is one of the most important values of Yoga Cat. As humans, we are intricately connected with nature. We bring the values of ahimsa or non-violence into our products by protecting the environment at every step.



One of the primary purposes of yoga is to support the healing of your body, mind, and soul. Why should your yoga products be any different? Yoga Cat takes your health into consideration in each and every product we make.



We believe that yoga products should also feel and look good. Every aspect of Yoga Cat is aimed at providing you with a calming and inspiring experience and celebrating life in all its facets.

We are a company based on ethical, spiritual, and scientific values. We are right there on the mat with you!