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Did you know that your sports mat is covered in germs, dirt, sweat, and more? With all this trapped inside your mat, it is no wonder that there are more cases of infection and skin irritation from sports mats than ever before! Having a high-quality mat cleaner is essential for any regular sports practitioner. Our unique sports and yoga mat deep cleaner was handcrafted in Germany and then tested both in the field and the lab to ensure you receive the highest quality cleanser for your mat.

It's important to note that cleaning and disinfecting your mat are two different things. Disinfectant sprays can help eliminate germs on the surface of your mat, but they do not remove dirt, sweat, and other buildup that can accumulate over time. Our Deep Cleaner works effectively to deep clean and remove all the buildup from your mat, including germs, dirt, sweat, and skin oils.

Our sports and yoga mat cleaner works effectively with all the most common mat materials, including PVC, rubber, TPE, NBR, jute, synthetic leather, and cork. With this mat cleaner, you can truly embody the practice of cleanliness in your sports or yoga routine.

Please check whether your mat is suitable for cleaning under running water. You can always find the information on your mat manufacturer's website.

The essence of sandalwood - a centuries-old ingredient traditionally used for worship, spiritual practices, and ritual cleanings. With a grounding combination of violet, amyris, cardamom, cumin, and cyperus, the warm scent of Chandana Spirit will calm and focus your mind as it cleanses your mat.

Scent: woody, floral, leathery

Head: violet leaves, cardamom

Heart: iris, cypriol, leather

Base: sandalwood, cedar wood, amber

For a deep clean every 2-3 weeks, use the deep cleaner. Our deep cleaner is specially formulated to remove dirt and buildup that may be deep inside the mat, extending the lifespan of your mat. Our deep cleaner is made to use under running water, and it's important to note that it's not suitable for the washing machine. To clean your mat thoroughly, please follow these three simple steps:

Step 1. Moisten your mat under lukewarm running water
Step 2. Apply a generous amount of deep cleanser on your mat using a damp sponge or cloth
Step 3. Rinse your mat under running water and hang up to dry for up to 24 hours

Avoid exposing the mat to direct sunlight or high heat, as this can damage the material. By using the Yoga Cat Mat Cleaning Bundle, you can maintain a clean and fresh mat that is free from germs and buildup. With regular cleaning, you can extend the lifespan of your mat and enjoy all the benefits of yoga without worrying about hygiene.

Deep Cleaner:

<5% Anionic surfactants; Methylisothiazolinone; Surfactants >90% biodegradable (OECD); Different fragrances, including sandalwood oil Sri Lanka, cardamom oil Guatemala, carrot seed oil, amyris oil, cypriol oil and traces of cumin oil and violet leaf abstract.

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